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Science Labs

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Throughout the science course, I will be asking for help with lab supplies. I will contact parents and guardians through email and the weekly 6th grade bulletin. Sometimes Sign-Up-Genius will also be used for lab materials. Lab safety is very important!  At the beginning of the year we will review lab safety procedures and students are expected to follow the safety instructions, which vary for each lab. If they do not follow safety procedures, students will receive an infraction and possibly be removed from the lab. 


There will be two different types of lab grades this year: informal and formal. Items that will be graded on informal labs: title, purpose, hypothesis, experiment (observations), and conclusions. Items that will be graded on formal labs: title, purpose, hypothesis, procedure, materials, experiment (observations), data, conclusion, and grammar. Please refer to the rubrics listed here for more details. 


Informal lab rubric.pdf


Formal Lab Rubric.pdf




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